Bibhuti Kumar Jha

Postdoctoral Researcher, SwRI, Boulder, CO, USA.


#300 Walnut St

Boulder, CO 80302

I am a Post Doctoral Researcher at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder, CO, USA. Solar Astrophysics is my primary area of research. I work on understanding solar activity (solar cycle), which help us to predict the future of our nearest and life-giving star, the Sun.


Selected Publications

  1. MNRAS
    A theoretical model of the near-surface shear layer of the Sun
    Bibhuti Kumar Jha, and Arnab Rai Choudhuri
    MNRAS, Sep 2021
  2. ApJL
    Magnetic Field Dependence of Bipolar Magnetic Region Tilts on the Sun: Indication of Tilt Quenching
    Bibhuti Kumar Jha, Bidya Binay Karak, Sudip Mandal, and 1 more author
    ApJL, Jan 2020